Champagne Hommage à Gaston Burtin (Tribute to Gaston Burtin) symbolises the culmination of the vision of a Champagne House founded in Epernay in 1933.

Although fairly young, the brand nevertheless draws on 90 years of history and expertise. The story of this brand centres on a man, his boldness, and the best way to celebrate them both.

Gaston Burtin is the man who started it all. In 1933, he founded his wine trading business and revolutionised the approach to trading in Champagne. He is undeniably one of those innovative, visionary figures who have helped shape Champagne as we know it today.

“Be bold and say little”

His motto, “be bold and say little”, sums up his character well. While boldness was his driving force, he always preferred to be behind the scenes rather than centre-stage. He cared little for playing the leading role; he was such a humble and discreet man that making Champagne without his name appearing on the bottles seemed completely normal to him.

By creating a range of Champagnes in his image, Maison Burtin is showcasing a state of mind, celebrating the unique style of its wines, and giving all credit to its main inspiration. A fitting tribute to his achievement.

The cuvées in the Hommage à Gaston Burtin range symbolise this combination of boldness and discretion. Boldness, through the absence of malolactic fermentation and the use of solera for more than fifteen years to age reserve wines. Discretion, due to the lack of any artifice in favour of an elegant structure and a refined aromatic richness.

At the top of the range, the vintages shine with their depth, brought out by a timeless freshness. Deep in the cellars of the Château des Archers, other gems patiently await their moment.