Fruit, Elegance & Freshness

This cuvée, made from Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunier, as well as reserve wines in solera, is aged in the cellar for a minimum of 3 years. It offers fruit, elegance, freshness and generosity.

Tasting notes

Eye: brilliant yellow | a silver shimmer | fine and persistent bubbles.
Nose: ripe fruits | peach | apricot | brioche.
Palate: stone fruits | honey | generosity.

Tasting suggestions

This all-rounder of a cuvée will suit all occasions.


Brut rosé

Fruit & Generosity

This predominantly Meunier-based cuvée, with its soft pink hue, reveals voluptuous aromas of red fruit. The freshness of Chardonnays and the structure of Pinot Noirs complete the balance of this Rosé for unforgettable tasting experiences.

Tasting notes

Eye: salmon pink | fine and persistent bubbles.
Nose: raspberry | redcurrant | fig | rose petals.
Palate: candied cherries | freshness.

Tasting suggestions

Perfect for apéritif, this cuvée will also make a wonderful pairing for salmon tataki and fruit-based desserts.
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Extra Brut

Elegance, Purity & Finesse

This Extra Brut cuvée is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from the finest terroirs in Champagne. Its low dosage and long ageing offer a perfect balance between purity and generosity. Its rich aromatic palate and zesty freshness are revealed with finesse and elegance.

Tasting notes

Eye: brilliant colour | golden shimmers.
Nose: white-fleshed fruit | acacia honey | touch of brioche.
Palate: orange zest | raspberry | zesty freshness.

Tasting suggestions

This low-dosed Extra Brut cuvée will make a wonderful accompaniment to apéritifs, sushi, raw fish and seafood.
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Blanc de Blancs 2017

Freshness, Finesse & Minerality

This cuvée is made from a single grape variety, Chardonnay, and from a single great year. Its resolutely ethereal, mineral and elegant style is a wonderful expression of Champagne’s chalky terroirs. Notes of white flowers and citrus mingle with the minerality and tension of great Chardonnays.

Tasting notes

Eye: golden yellow | fine and delicate bubbles.
Nose: white flowers | citrus | dulce de leche.
Palate: citrus | quince | almond biscuit | minerality.

Tasting suggestions

Fillet of John Dory roasted with thyme and lemon, sea bream sashimi.
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Blanc de Blancs 2018

Generosity, Delicacy & Freshness

Made exclusively from Chardonnay the Blanc de Blancs 2018 is a delicate Champagne, boasting freshness and generosity

Tasting notes

Eye: brilliant yellow with silver shimmers | subtle effervescence.
Nose: citrus | fresh almond | white flowers.
Palate: vine peach | grapefruit | exotic notes.

Tasting suggestions

Raw fish, scallops, vitello tonnato.
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Vintage 2014

Complexity, Richness & Precision

This cuvée expresses the elegance of a great year. Made from a blend of predominantly Grand and Premier Crus, this wine reveals the complexity, richness and tension of this vintage with precision and pride.

Tasting notes

Eye: golden yellow | fine and intense bubbles.
Nose: jammy stone fruit | gingerbread.
Palate: peach | apricot | pâtisserie | richness.

Tasting suggestions

Chicken supreme with morels, fillet of turbot with Champagne sauce.
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